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Jennings Room

We are so excited to officially announce the opening of our new private dining room, The Jennings Room! The venue is located directly next door to Antoni's in the space that formerly housed Ron Stevens Jeweller. We leased the space in early 2017, and after pulling up carpet and adding a second restroom, a little paint and a touch of classic decor, the room transformed into a warm and welcoming addition to our restaurant's accommodations.

Why the "Jennings" Room, you ask? Well it has nothing to do with the Louisiana town. We chose to honor our dear friend, Blaine Jennings, in the naming of the space. Blaine has been a friend of Eli's since he first moved to Lafayette in the 90's, and he has been an indispensable asset to our evolution here at Antoni's.

When we first opened as new owners in 2013, there was a lot that needed to be done to pass inspections. The existing restaurant had been open for many years, but when ownership changes, all inspections are done as if the space is new. There was a lot of painting, sanding, patching, and renovating ahead of us, and Blaine was there to help in any way he could. I distinctly remember one Sunday when the three of us probably spent about 14 hours working to prepare our kitchen for the upcoming health inspection. Ever the optimist, Blaine did so much that day for our new venture, and, truthfully, our sanity.

As if that wasn't enough, Blaine again came through for us when we needed similar help with what would become The Jennings Room. When you visit our space, know that every surface has been touched at some point by its namesake, our friend, Blaine Jennings.

So now that you know the history, I'm sure you're anxious to know more details about how you can host your next event with us! Here is a quick breakdown of the details:

* Seats 20 people comfortably. (25 maximum)

* Minimum food and beverage cost of $300 for a lunch event and minimum $600 for a dinner event.

* Buffet-style service is required for parties of 20 or more, and any menu items are available to serve even if they are not listed on the Catering Menu. With enough notice, we are able to provide specially requested off-menu items. Vegan and vegetarian accommodations can be made as well.

* Plated meal options ranging from $20-30/head

* There is a bar available with multiple beverage options from which to choose.

* A screen is available for presentations and additional A/V equipment may be rented for a fee.

For further information, feel free to contact Nancy at 337-232-8384, or submit an inquiry through the "Contact Us" page on our website.